Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Italian Meat Balls (Italian Dish)

Italian Meat Balls (Italian Dish)
Beef minced 225gm
Egg 1
Biscuit powder 50gm
Parmesan cheese 25gm
Garlic smashed 1 pod
Dry parsley ½ table spoon
Oregano ½ tea spoon
Thyme leaves 1 tea spoon
Salt ¼ tea spoon
Black pepper powder 1 pinch
Tomato sliced 225gm
Parmesan cheese 50 gm

Cooking Method:
1       Take parmesan cheese grated.
2       Mix all ingredients together except tomato and 50gm parmesan cheese.
3       Make 12 equal sized balls with the mixture.
4       Arrange the balls in a round microwave dish. Cook in high power microwave oven without covering for 4-5 minutes or until the balls will well cooked.
5      Take out the round dish, turn the balls upside down. Spread grated tomato and cheese over balls. Put the dish into microwave oven and bake covering for 5 minutes.

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