Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tomato Cabbage Salad

Tomato Cabbage Salad is a fantastic recipe of a tasty and colorful salad. This is a presentable dish. Normally this dish is served with Pilow, Biryani and Bhuna Khichuri, it can be also served as lunch alone.
The ingredients of this recipe are Green Cabbage, Tomato, White sesame, Dry Chili Powder, Garlic, Mustard Oil, Salt etc.The measurements of these ingredients are as follows:
Green cabbage ½ portions
Tomato small size 6
White sesame 1 tea spoon
Dry chili powder ½ tea spoon
Garlic sliced 2 table spoons
Mustard oil 2 table spoons
Salt to taste

1.       Take cabbage finely sliced.
2.       Tomatos make slice and mix well with cabbage.
3.       Garlic smashed and fried in oil.
4.       Take garlic with frying oil, chili powder, salt, sesame seed, cabbage and tomato all together and mix well.
5.       Six servings.

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