Friday, March 9, 2012

Tomato and red cabbage salad

Tomato and red cabbage salad
This is a nice Recipe of fantastic salad. This dish is normally made with tomato, red cabbage and salad dressing. This recipe is very simple to make a fantastic dish. This is less time consuming and cheap also.Tomato and red cabbage salad is really a colorful and presentable dish. This salad can be used as lunch. Tomato and red cabbage salad is a nice dish which has great nutritious value.


The ingredients are Red cabbage, Tomato, White sesame seed, Salad dressing and Salt. The measurements are as follows:
Red cabbage ½
Tomato small 6
White sesame seed 1 tea spoon
Salad dressing 2 table spoon
Salt to taste

Serving method: 
At first all the ingredients should collect and then start to make the dish. All the ingredients should be fresh, neat and cleaned, because raw ingredients are used in this recipe . Take cabbage after properly washed. Cut the cabbage into slender long slices, this slice will give the salad a fantastic look. Then cut the tomato into long small pieces, and then mix with cabbage. Mix all vegetables with salt, pour salad dressing on it, spread sesame seed.
4.     Six servings.

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