Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coconut Milk shake

Coconut Milk shake
1.       Shredded coconut 1 and ½ cup
2.       Condensed milk 1 tin
3.       Sugar 5 table spoon
4.       Water 350ml
Cooking method
Take shredded coconut on a flat mortar and turn it into paste by rolling with a pestle. Take coconut paste in a bowl add 1 cup water and separate milk from coconut fiber through strainer.  Add 1 cup water to this fiber again and separate milk through strainer. Add 1and ½ cup water, sugar in condensed milk, and mix with a spoon until dissolve completely.  Now add coconut milk with it and keep in the refrigerator. Serve when chilled. Total 8 serving.
Very refreshing drinks during hot summer days, when someone gets tired or being exhausted after work.

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