Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rose Shaped Pitha

Rose Shaped Pitha
This is a nice recipe of a fantastic snacks (Pitha), this is sweet to taste, and made mainly with flour, egg and liquid milk. At first sight anyone may think it is difficult to make, but after a little bit practice it will be very easy to do this. In this way different shaped pitha may make easily.

The ingredients of this recipe are Flour, Salt, Sugar, Liquid milk, Ghee, Vegetable oil, Egg and Water. The measurements are as follows:

For dough preparation
Flour 1 cup
Salt little amount
Sugar 1 tea spoon
Liquid milk 1 cup
Ghee 2 table spoon
Vegetable oil for frying
Egg yolk 1
For preparing sugar syrup
Water 2 cups
Sugar 2 cups
Cooking Method:
Take 1 cup water in a pan add sugar and salt, heat to boil then add 1 cup flour and stir thoroughly. Remove from heat. When dough gets normal temperature then add yolk to it and mix with hand until become soft and smooth. Add ghee little by little with continuous mixing. Take one third dough and make a round flat chapatti with it. Cut into 3-4 pieces round in shape by round shape cutter.  Take two circle one after another, cut in 3 points towards border to the center on it. Take one portion and shape it by folding two edges together and press with base. Complete all 6 parts in the same way folding together. Let your finger tips wet by water frequently during pressing the edges, so that they will stick collectively during frying. Make total 10 flowers with the dough.
Put pan on the heat. Take as much vegetable oil as you can deep fry with it. Let the oil properly heated. Then keep the heat at low and add 3-4 flowers at a time, fry until deep brown in color.  Pick flowers from oil, drip oils totally, keep in a bowl.
Take 2 cups water in a pan add 2 cups sugar and keep in medium heat. Boil 10 minutes after melting sugar completely. Remove from heat; pour the sugar syrup into a nice boul. Put all flowers carefully in the bowl, notice that all flowers are placed properly, otherwise they will break. Serve after 12 hours.

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