Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shrimp Ball Curry

Shrimp Ball Curry
It is an amazing dish! I got it from my mom. In fact, this is a famous dish of East-south region of Bangladesh which produces numerous exporting shrimps. This can be served at lunch or dinner with fresh rice, pilaw or biriani. Even it can be served as single dish to entertain someone. This recipe may help everyone to make the dish in very easy way. This dish is made with shrimp and coconut milk and some spices. This is very simple to cook and tasty.

Shrimp, peeled off, 1 kg minced
2        Coconut milk, a bit deep 1 cup
3       Red chili powder 1 tea spoon
4       Turmeric powder 1 tea spoon
5       Ginger paste 1 tea spoon
6       Garlic paste 1 tea spoon
7       Onion sliced 1 cup, grated 1 cup
8       Green chili grated 1 table spoon
9       Cardamom, Sinnamon and clove 3 pieces each, roasted and grounded
1       Lime juice 1 tea spoon
1       Vegetable oil 2 cups for frying shrimp balls.
1       Vegetable oil 1 table spoon for curry
1       Green chili whole 6 quantity
1        Salt- as per taste
1       Sugar ½ tea spoon

Cooking Method:
Take shredded coconut in small bowl, add ½ cup warm water, mix with a spoon and then separate the hard substance from coconut milk with the help of a strainer. Keep this milk in a cup. Add ½ cup water to the coconut and then separate again through strainer. Take shrimps peel off and take out vein from all shrimps, mince well. Combine lime juice to ½ cup coconut milk cup. Add half portion of chili powder, ginger and garlic paste add grated onion and green chili and salt to shrimp mix well, keep aside or half an hour. Make small balls with the shrimp then put into the hot oil in a fry pan. Deep fry for 30 seconds on medium heat. Take out the balls from heat keep in a separate dish. Heat the vegetable oil on pan, when hot, gently add sliced onion. After become golden brown remove half onion from pan and keep it for final decoration. Then add coconut milk to it and add rest half red chili powder, ginger and garlic paste, salt, sugar add shrimp balls and cook for 10 minutes. Wait until the gravy become thick and oily. The brown fried onion spread over it and serve. Great with plain pilaw. 5 servings.
Gorgeous delicious party dish. Try today.

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