Thursday, February 9, 2012

Faluda Fantasy

1.      Grain of Sago 1 cup
2.      Water 6 cup for boil
3.      Sugar 1 cup
4.      Lime juice 2 tea spoon
5.      Food color green ½ tea spoon
6.      Orange jelly, strawberry jelly 2 table spoon each
7.      Vanilla ice cream 500ml
8.      Ice ball 10 piece
9.      Cherry sliced 2 tea spoon

Cooking Method
Take Sago grains in a cooking dish, add water and place on stove. Boil in medium heat up to 25 minutes. Remove from fire, pouring out to sieve to separate water. Take boiled grains to another bowl slowly with big spoon. Add 2 cup cold water to it, add green color, sugar and mixed until sugar dissolve completely, then keep the bowl to refrigerator. Take out the bowl from refrigerator, add lime juice. Take 5 stand cups for serving Faluda. Put the boiled grain with syrup to all 5 cups of equal quantity. Put ice cream in the same way. Garnish with orange and strawberry jelly, cherry and finally with ice ball in your own unique way.
It is such a fascinating presentation that you will be overwhelming with joy just to see it.

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