Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kachchi Biriani

Kachchi Biriani very well spicy and reach food in Southern Asia. This food is very much famous from Mughal period. This food can be found in maximum hotel and restaurant. This food is very much tasty no doubt. But it should eat regularly, maximum once in a week. Kachchi Biriani can be in different name Specially Hazir biriani, Hydrabad Biriani etc. This food can serve with Salad, Curd fish fry or any curry like fish curry or meat curry, not necessary but presentable.

Cooking Materials:

Mutton                       2 kg
Polau rice (Kali Zira)    1 kg
Ghee                         250 gm
Potato                       ½ kg
Deep fried grated Onion (Beresta) 1 Cup
Cinnamon (Daruchini)   8 – 10 5 pcs
Cardamom (Elachi)      10 – 12 6 pcs
Clove                         5 pcs
Zinger Paste               2 Table Spoon
Garlic Paste                2 Table Spoon
Spice Powder (Daruchini, Elachi, Jayfol, Joytri, Shahzira and Golmorich) 1 Table Spoon
Cumin powder             ½ Tea Spoon
Curd                          1 ½ Cup
Milk                           2 Cup
Prune (Alubokhara)      14 – 15 pcs
Rose water                         1 Table Spoon
Salt as per taste

Cooking Method:

At first wash the meat and rinse out water. In a large pan put the meat and mix with zinger paste, Salt, sugar, Curd, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and keep this way for half an hour. Then mix the meat with Spice powder- (Daruchini, Elachi, Jayfol, Joytri, Shahzira and Golmorich), ghee 125 gm and saffron, and keep it for further marinated for 10 minutes. Then pour 2 cup milk on the meat. Mix potato with salt and fry it. Put these fried potato in the meat.
Wash the rice and half boil, remove water then mix rice with the meat. Scatter left of the ghee on boiled rice. Then spread fried crispy onion, raisin, prune (alu bokhara), nuts (badam), rose-water (golapjol) over the rice and meat mixture. Then put cover on the top of the pan and sealed with thick flour solution. Keep the pan on low heat for an hour. Remove the cover and softly stir with a wooden handle to loose the ingredients, put cover again and steamed for 30 minutes on low heat. Remove heat. Spread fresh crispy fried onion over rice during serving.

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