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Preperation to follow the recipe:
Generally food habit depends on geographical area, culture, place, taste, earnig source, way of living, even sometimes depends on luxury or status. Food whatever it is, it should be fresh and healthy and nutritious value should be optimum. Ideal recipe’s role is to develop the quality of food, good cooking, and nutrition, healthy food presentation. Creative person expands this cooking with the help of publishing books, telecasting on media and of course with the help of website or online presentation.

Recipe is such a list of cooking process so that anyone can cook easily by following the instructions. Ingredient measurements and cooking method are described in recipe. Wastage can be eliminated by following the recipe. In an ideal recipe it is also given that how many persons can be served with the recipe. It is also given in an ideal recipe how a food can be presented beautifully. Decoration of the particuler food is also given here. Decoration may increase the food’s attraction and appetite.

Important issues before cooking:
1)      Recipe should read very carefully.
2)      Ingredients should use that are given in recipe.
3)      Ingredients should measure carefully and appropriately.
4)      Process that is given in a recipe should follow carefully.
5)       Concentration should be given on using appropriate pot, maintaining temperature, using optimum water, and covering or uncovering top of the pot.
6)      Pot should put down from hitter or woven in time after cooking.
7)      Food hould present in the organized way with different catchup.
8)      Food should present hot or cold as per recipe direction.

Knowable issues for cooking:
Konwable issues for cooking are discussed easily here so that no can fall in problem to understand the recipe. Specially sign of measurement and weight, ingredient, temperature of woven, spicec cooking method, etc need to read carefully for understanding. It is very essential to cook food through understanding the recipe about measurement and accurate method. But the use of salt, sugar, chilly and spice may vary depends on person’s requirement.  If the temperature of cooker increase or decrease measurement of water  may be different. That is why measuremetn of water increasing or decreasing depends on one’s own concern. Always remember if it is necessary ot cook 2 or times more than that of recipe shows then take 2 or 3 multiple measurement of the recipe shows, and vice versa for the small amount cooking.
Electric Cooking gadgets and their use:
Electric cooking gadgets are widely used in modern world and these are gradually increased now a days. Mainly for making the work easy and fast, also develop food quality.  Most widely used gadgets are chopper, mixers, blender, food prcessor, grinder, mincer etc. Every one should be carefull during purchase of any electic gadgets. Along with any kind of such gadgets, the opperating manual must take and should follow all instructions during using and taking proper care of it according to the manual.
Chopper: It makes foods into small pieces.
Mixer: Mix different kind of foods with pressure.
Blender: Blender is used for making juice of liquid together.
Mincer: It is used to grinde soft foods like meat to make dough.
Grinder:  It is normally two types. One is used to grinde dry food like biscutes etc. and the other is used to grinde hard foods like spice etc.
Food Processor: Chopper, Mixer and blender these three accumulated food processor.
Dough Mixer: Backery items like bread, cake, biscutes ingredients are mixing with another different instrument and its name is dough mixer.

Food Preperation:
Some foods we eat at raw stage, but some are not be eaten so they must vbe cooked mainly, fruits and few vegetables can eat green or raw, state. But most of the food are to be cooked cooking means foods are washed, sliced or chopped and then take on oven. Let us know first why we should cook foods.
There are three reasons:
1)      To make foods easily digestable.
2)      To make foods sterilized safe for health, and finally
3)      To make foods more tasty by adding fdifferent ingredients and spices.

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