Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tomato Tremor

Tomato Tremor
1.       Tomato 4 piece, small size 4 piece
2.       Tamarind extract 1 table spoon
3.       Sugar 3 table spoon
4.       Green chili sliced 1 piece
5.       Black salt and salt as per taste
6.       Fresh coriander leaves sliced 1 table spoon
7.       Fresh mint leaves for decoration
8.       Cloves 4 piece

Cooking method:

Choose and pick well ripen, red in color tomatoes but firm not become softer. Take smaller 4 tomatoes, cut peel in circle round and round by a sharp knife. Make a roll and join them with a stick. Make 4 rolls and keep then in ice cold water for final decoration.
Take other 4 tomatoes, sliced them, separate from seeds and stalk’s hard part. Take sliced tomato, water and other ingredient in the blender, blend thoroughly. Separate hard substances from the liquid with a strainer. Add black salt and salt as per taste. You can add a little lime juice if the tomatoes are not at all taste sour. Keep it in refrigerator.
Take long serving glasses, add juice up to one third of glass then garnish with one green chili and one chilled tomato. Remove the stick from tomato roll and tie them with a clove, 4 tomatoes prepare in the same way. Add mint leaves and cracked ice. Serve this delicious item to cheer up someone else.

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